Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Potsdam Summer Festival

It was a miracle that it didn't rain, since that is all it has done here in the last 2 weeks, it seems. But traditionally, this wonderful, joyous festival held downtown at Ives Park in the college town of Potsdam, New York, does have sunny weather. Here is my booth which I shared with Isis Melhado. Her beautiful rag rugs are featured in this picture on the corners of the two tables.

This is my third year in a row of selling at the Potsdam Festival and I am always so validated by the very receptive and appreciative visitors to my booth. Potsdam is a very special place with so many people who love the arts. I thank one and all who stopped at my booth this year and enjoyed and appreciated my artwork. I make ceramic and fused glass pendants and free form peyote stitch necklaces using my handmade ceramic beads. The strung neclaces I make are also mostly made from my handmade beads. I love it that there are so many people in this area that like my chunky unusual jewelry.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Colorful Beads Pendants and Buttons By BOC Artists

I recently checked out the Beads of Clay photos on Flickr! and was excited to see so much color. It always amazes me that ceramic bead artists can create such tiny colorful wonders with clay. I want to devote this post to some of these amazing, brightly colored beads, buttons and pendants. You can click on any of the pictures to find out more about the artist and see their Flickr! portfolio.

Red and White
Originally uploaded by marlasmud

This is a great and colorful pendant by Marlasmud. Really exciting colors.

Originally uploaded by annieo2006

Gorgeous flower bead
by annieo2006

Flaming Heart Bead
Originally uploaded by Earthenwood Beads

These colors are truly flaming hot. A wonderfully playful bead by Melanie at Earthewood.

Gorgeous pinks by Joan Tucker at

spotted fish
Originally uploaded by rusmar31

Wild and full of fantasy, this fish button by rusmar31

These jackets are so different, colorful and fun.
They are by embroideredsoul

Salsa bead bracelet
Originally uploaded by LadyBrook

Brightly painted salsa beads by LadyBrook

Colors and unique shapes from Natalie Gillihan

Ladybug Leaf Pendant
Originally uploaded by Shaterra Clay

Beautiful color combinations so skillfully achieved from
shaterra clay

Great red and silver combo by Lisa Peters Art.

long bead
Originally uploaded by MillerPorcelain

Incredible color and skill from Joan Miller of MillerPorcelain

Originally uploaded by gaeac

Gaea's beautiful Day of the Dead necklace from gaeac

Originally uploaded by Dilán

Exciting colors from Dilan

Tile Pendant
Originally uploaded by la_v_i_k_a

Great yellows in a cool format by vika

New Tie Dye Buttons
Originally uploaded by claybuttons

These incredible Tie Dye buttons are from Claybuttons. Hard to imagine how she did this. Cool.

A cameo in an incredible color by Yolanda Miramontes

Cameo Pendant
Originally uploaded by yoli miramontes

I guess I didn't want to leave myself out. A multicolored pendant with several stringing holes for added decoration by MaryHarding of MaryHardingJewelry.

These great colors are achieved by skillful use of glazes. My all time favorite for lowfire earthenware clay is Mayco Stroke and Coat. These glazes come in a wide selection of colors and are very reliable. If you want really bright colors you need to put on three coats. I often don't use such bright colors and with one or two coats you get more of a watercolor effect with Stroke and Coat. I have recently seen that Duncan has come out with some very bright Neon Colors. I expect to have the purple and light green in the kiln by tonight. Duncan also makes a line of colors like Stroke and Coat but I haven't tried them.
For high fire clays like porcelain and stoneware Spectrum and Georgie's make good glazes. But that is not an area that I know much about. A good subject for another blog post.

Raku Bead Video Part III