Monday, March 16, 2015

Winter Blues Breaker

  After spending much of the coldest February in history inside the house and not going to my studio,i.e temps hardly every climbing about 0 degrees and sinking much lower at night--about -20 degrees F- -30 degrees F, I was thrilled when my friend  Mary Ann Evans contacted me for an Art Party in her ceramic studio!! What a great to combat the winter blues!!  

The  party began with a gourmet lunch prepared by MaryAnn:  a delicious cheddar and jalapeno dip, a salad with raw veggies, feta cheese and a yummy balsamic dressing, fish baked with fresh herb, a spicy soup  and fresh fruit and homemade cookies for desert!! Wow!!  Then this delightful group of 6 artists moved into MaryAnn's  wonderful, warm, bright ceramic studio. 

 She had set up tables covered with heavy canvas mats,

pugged some wonderful porcelain clay

                       made us a delicious bowl of slip,

 put out supplies and pots for us to decorate

And set us free!!
The stereo was playing and MaryAnn was at the wheel ready to give us each a lesson in throwing a pot. 

 As the beat of Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk flowed, some of us put down our clay work and danced! 
Together and making art, we were all joyful, happy, and breaking out of the winter blues.

What we made has been captured in this collage--not all the pieces made it to the end of the session!!!
from top left:  Sally Hartman; Mary Ann Evans; Melanie Kimbler; Ethel Slocum; Mary HardingKaran Marie Cross

The afterglow of the party has been following all of us around and everyone is madly back at work in our  home studios and miraculously, the weather has broken and Spring is just about here!!!

Thank you so much Mary Ann!!!!

Part of this post is reposted from my Inside the Studio post on ArtBeadScene.

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