Sunday, January 29, 2017

New work this week.

 I have been busy this week making new work and loving working with stoneware and porcelain.  For the first time ever, I tried out some  underglazes on the toggle clasps seen here.  I was so pleasantly surprised how they turned out.  They sold very quickly but more are in the works and will be ready in about a week or so.

These two stoneware heart charms  were also made using some underglaze

This set of connector and feather is made from porcelain ceramic clay.  I love the creamy translucence of this clay body.( no underglaze on these.)

An up close picture of the connector bead in this set.  It is like looking through a glass bottom boat--one of my peak memories of childhood in California.  There seem to be some of these memories that I am always seeking to reproduce in my jewelry components.

Set is also made from porcelain clay.   I like this color combo. These sets are not yet ready for parting from me.  But I will attempt to make more soon.
A porcelain leaf that is handbuilt by me.  Also sold fast but more coming after  next week.

                           Another porcelain leaf in steamy fall colors.  Still available in my Etsy shop.

 Stoneware Toggle Clasp in Green and Rose in my Etsy Shop as of today.
       Stoneware multi color toggle clasp.  Love the way the colors floated and mixed together.  Sold
Another stoneware multicolor toggle clasp   just listed this morning in my Etsy Shop.
1850's Barnwood in Stoneware.  Stained. A really woody texture.  In my Etsy shop now.

I will be preparing for participating in this cool event at the Remington Museum this week so I won't be posting mush on the net.  Wish you could visit me at this show.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inspired by Art Bead Scene's January Painting by Egon Scheile

Egon Schiele  Field of Flowers
I am so excited about this month's inspiration painting on the Art Bead Scene blog that I made this flock of daisy flowers seen below.  They are gesture images that express the fresh air and sunshine of summer.  Currently I have two of these for sale at Artisans Create Together Alumni Trunk Show (update sold) and one on my Etsy Shop (still available).

                                         Wild Daisies   Inspired by Egon Schiele's Painting
                                                          Wild Daisy by Mary Harding
                                                    Wild Daisy  by Mary Harding

And sort of in the same vein I made a few more porcelain leaves:

                                                        Porcelain Leaves by Mary Harding
These colorful leaves are hand built by me out of porcelain clay.  Each one is a unique piece as I do not use a mold to make them.  There are still a couple available  On the Artisans Create Together Trunk Show ( ending at Midnight today, 1-26-17, but I will be adding 2 more later today to my Etsy Shop from my current kiln firing.

I hope you will stop by the ArtBeadScene blog and participate in this month's challenge.  Follow this LINK for all the particulars. There are still a few days left.  The deadline is Jan. 30.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

And The Winner is.....

And the winner of a signed copy of Maya and The Turtle A Korean Fairy Tale is ....
                                   Carol Shull
                          Congratulations Carol!!

Thank you all who participated in this celebration on Soma Han's new website.  You are all so appreciated!!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Giveaway to celebrate an exciting new website

Deadline for participating in the Giveaway extended to Jan.10, 2017

                                           Deadline extended until Jan 10, 2017
Soma Han, the illustrator of the above pictured book has recently launched a website.  She is an accomplished artist who is commited to illustrating chilren's books about different aspects of Korean culture to reach out to children of Korean ancestry and to all children in general.  Today I am excited to be able to promote her work with a giveaway of her book,  Maya and The Turtle. This lovely book is a retelling of a fairy tale handed down to Soma through her grandmother and mother when she was a child growing up in Korea.  The copy you receive will be signed and "chopped" by Soma and can be personally dedicated to the person you choose.  I am  honored to have been asked by her husband and co-author of Maya and The Turtle, John C. Stickler,( my brother) to celebrate Soma Han's new website with this giveaway.   In order to have your name included in the random draw to pick the winner of this giveaway, I am asking you to go to her website and take a look at some of her illustrations in the Books or Gallery category ( see screen shot below  for how it will look) or watch the slide show that will scroll by you

                                             screen shot of Soma Han's new website

 and tell us in the Comment section below which one you liked the best by Jan. 10, 2017.( Please be sure to leave a way for us to contact you .) Soma will be reading all of your comments and will surely be pleased to hear from you.

Soma Han and  her husband and co-author John C. Stickler at a book signing including Maya and the Turtle and  her other titles:  Tigers, Frogs and Rice Cakes, a compilation of Korean Proverbs, and Land Of Morning Calm: Korean Culture Then and Now.

I have great admiration for Soma Han's artistic and cultural accomplishments and so appreciate you joining me in celebrating her new website by participating in this Giveaway and leaving a comment below by Jan 10, 2017 The  winner will be chosen by a random draw on Jan 11, 2017.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Ornament Blog Hop

Art Bead Scene is having its 6th Annual Ornament Blog Hop today.  I have been wanting to make some Christmas Tree ornaments for several years now but just didn't get to them.  So this year  I  set aside some time.  I decided to make them from porcelain clay and  use some of my own texture stamps for decoration.   I looked thru my stash of cookie cutters for a Christmas tree shape and found a small one as seen  in the picture above and went to work.  Since porcelain clay requires a slow drying time to prevent warping, I began work on these several weeks ago.  I also wanted to make some bigger trees for ornaments and found a design I liked in a metal cutter and made the next set of Christmas trees seen below.  

These were also an experiment in glazing and I love how the colors came out.

Next I wanted to do a set of  photo transfers onto polymer clay.  I chose some Victorial Floral images for these trees seen below.

These Victorian Floral image ornaments can be hand colored or left black and white.  I like the quality of the black and white so I have not colored them.  

All of these ornaments I made lend themselves to being hung on a tree or a wreath with a simple hook or ribbon.

I hope you will visit the other blogs in this hop.  

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Happy Holidays!!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My New Work in Fall Stringing Magazine

Toggle Clasp by MaryHardingJewelry
Sustainable Weeds Series: Purslane by MaryHardingJewelry

Whimsical Ear Wires by MaryHardingJewelry

All of the above pieces are in this Fall Issue of Stringing Magazine.  I am so pleased to be published in this special Annual Shopping Guide edition!

I am working on making new work and restocking some old favorites and filling some orders after not being in my studio for 5 months due to a broken ankle last Spring!!  It sure feels good to be back.

Whimsical earwires in progress by MaryHardingJewelry

Toggle Bars in progress by MaryHardingJewelry

I am planning on updating my Etsy Shop late in September.  I will post the actual date when I know that I will be ready.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Inspired by Pitcher Plants

Photo by Eric Wentling  Pitcher Plants

Every month Eric Wentling choses a picture to inspire his wife Sarajo.  She then shares it with the FB community and asks us to play along with creations we make inspired her husband's photo.

Here is what Eric wrote about this month's picture of Pitcher Plants:
This month I chose a picture from our recent trip out to Ligonier, PA for the Allegory Gallery's Creative Camp.  Andrew Thornton directed us out to a nearby bog where the carnivorous plants were in full bloom.  An entire field of these pitcher plants and much smaller sundews stretched around us--beauty and savagery all wrapped up in one tiny leafy package.  The strange shape, as well as the striated deep red patterns against green really jumped out at me and I wanted to see what a bunch of jewelry designers could pull off with this inspiration!
I could not resist the challenge of these exotic pitcher plants and the beautiful colors they are sporting in their unique garb.  So I am playing along.  This is my first time.

I was so enamored of these cool plants and the color combo of burgundy and lime green that I went to work right away.
My first piece was a fern leaf in the pitcher plant palette.  I was working in  polymer clay and have been since I broke my ankle several months ago and could not have access to my studio due to the stairs. I expect to begin working again in ceramic clay in Sept.

                                    Fern Leaf by MaryHardingJewelry  polymer clay

I was really excited to try modeling a pitcher plant from polymer clay.  I find that polymer is like magic for me when it comes to make 3 dimentional forms.  Here is the first pitcher plant I came up with:

                                   Pitcher Plant  Front View by MaryHardingJewelry
                                                   Pitcher Plant  Back View by MaryHardingJewelry
                                        Pitcher Plant  Side View by MaryHardingJewelry

So far it does not have a stringing hole that would display it right side up.  I plan to add a stringing loop soon.  This is one of the things I love about polymer:  it can be modified way after it is cured by just curing again.

Then I made a smaller pitcher plant that has a stringing loop.
Smaller Pitcher Plant by MaryHardingJewelry

The two pitcher plants together

I totally enjoyed being inspred by the pitcher plants photo.  Thanks so much Eric and Sarajo.

I  hope you readers will take a look at the other creations in the links below.
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