Sunday, June 11, 2017

New Stoneware beads

                            Mid Range Buff ceramic clay and colored glazes by Mary Harding Jewelry
I  have been experimenting  lately with using colored glazes on a buff stoneware clay that has also been stained with iron oxide.  I have wiped back the stain to some extent and then applied the colored glazes selectively.  I wanted these kinds of beads for some free form peyote stitch necklaces I have been making.  I was pleasantly surprised that the colors would be as bright and clear as they are, over this dark background.  I am very encouraged by the results.
Some "gesture" beads from mid range buff clay and colored glazes

Another view of the mid range buff ceramic clay beads seen above this picture.

I also tried this approach on some "gesture" beads, ( see pictures above)  as I call them, as they are made with one tool and spontaneous movements, once the rounded bead is formed.  I have a necklace in process with some of these kinds of beads.  See below.
Peyote Stitch Necklace in progress with new buff stoneware clay beads

It is a beautiful summer day here where I live so I'm off to be outside for awhile.  Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. That's wonderful, Mary! The beads and the necklace in progress are just beautiful! :)

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