Friday, December 16, 2016

Giveaway to celebrate an exciting new website

Deadline for participating in the Giveaway extended to Jan.10, 2017

                                           Deadline extended until Jan 10, 2017
Soma Han, the illustrator of the above pictured book has recently launched a website.  She is an accomplished artist who is commited to illustrating chilren's books about different aspects of Korean culture to reach out to children of Korean ancestry and to all children in general.  Today I am excited to be able to promote her work with a giveaway of her book,  Maya and The Turtle. This lovely book is a retelling of a fairy tale handed down to Soma through her grandmother and mother when she was a child growing up in Korea.  The copy you receive will be signed and "chopped" by Soma and can be personally dedicated to the person you choose.  I am  honored to have been asked by her husband and co-author of Maya and The Turtle, John C. Stickler,( my brother) to celebrate Soma Han's new website with this giveaway.   In order to have your name included in the random draw to pick the winner of this giveaway, I am asking you to go to her website and take a look at some of her illustrations in the Books or Gallery category ( see screen shot below  for how it will look) or watch the slide show that will scroll by you

                                             screen shot of Soma Han's new website

 and tell us in the Comment section below which one you liked the best by Jan. 10, 2017.( Please be sure to leave a way for us to contact you .) Soma will be reading all of your comments and will surely be pleased to hear from you.

Soma Han and  her husband and co-author John C. Stickler at a book signing including Maya and the Turtle and  her other titles:  Tigers, Frogs and Rice Cakes, a compilation of Korean Proverbs, and Land Of Morning Calm: Korean Culture Then and Now.

I have great admiration for Soma Han's artistic and cultural accomplishments and so appreciate you joining me in celebrating her new website by participating in this Giveaway and leaving a comment below by Jan 10, 2017 The  winner will be chosen by a random draw on Jan 11, 2017.

Thank you so much for stopping by.



  1. The yellow butterfly is breathtaking. It is my favorite. As a former children's librarian, I love reading fairy tales from different cultures and seeing their similarities and differences. This book will make a lovely addition to many library collections and homes.

  2. It was difficult to choose a favorite. But I am especially fond of the amiable look of the orange and black tiger.

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  4. I love the butterfly design. The more you look at it, the deeper you go into the colors and the design. Very nice

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  6. All of the paintings and mosaics are lovely, but my favorite is of the irises. The gentle colors beautifully blend into each other. We have family ties to Korea and have visited the country twice. llandig at msn dot com

  7. After looking and going over and looking, again, I have to say I love the cover of the book, Maya and the Turtle: A Korean Fairy Tale. For me it shows a sweetness and trust between Maya and the turtle.

  8. What beautiful work! I am in love with her Blue Dragon White Tiger and her mosaics.

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