Wednesday, April 03, 2019


I have decided to enter the #The100DayProject   this year and it begins today April 2, 2019
My reason for doing this is I know that visiting my muse daily will bring surprise, frustration, joy, and new ideas for creating.  The last one is what I am hoping for.  I am nervous because it is a big commitment.  I am excited because already I am feeling inspired.

                        Handmade ceramic cabochon by Mary Harding
Above is a picture of where I will be beginning .  My project is 100 days of free form peyote stitch stitching.  I have backed this cabochon and done a blanket stitch around the edge of size 8 seed beads.  This edging is how the cab will be attached to the necklace I will be making.
  Day 1 of 100 days of free form peyote stitching for #the100DayProject

You can see that I began stitching on the upper third of the side of the pendant to begin turning this piece into a necklace.    You can follow my progress here or on Instagram where all of the #100dayprojects are posted.  My name on Instagram is #harding_mary.


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