Friday, February 22, 2008

Winterlude for a Beader Part II

Clearly the winter weather continues up here in the Northeast. But oh so beautiful on sunny days. I took the photo above when I was snowshoeing this week. I was standing on the river which is now frozen completely.

My third winterlude class was with my friend Cait Throop, who is an amazing weaver. The class I took is called Triangle weave. This class intrigued me because I love all the new fibers but don't really know how to knit, crochet (beyond making bracelets) or weave. Here was a chance to spend the day with a great friend and some wonderful fibers. She was so kind to make a trip to the fiber shop to help me pick out what I needed. I chose some lovely shades of burgundys and had a wonderful day with Cait, the other students and some great fibers.

The photo below is at the beginning and gives you a good look at the triangle looms that we used. She likened them to the potholder looms we (some of us) used as children. And indeed the technique is similar.

The pattern we used is called a Log cabin pattern but it doesn't show up much in mine because of the colors I chose. Below is a photo of another student's piece that shows off that pattern nicely. I like the caotic pattern of mine quite a lot too.

Below you can see a photo of mine almost finished. We all finished our scarves before the class ended so we could take them home and wear them. I am really happy with my piece. It is warm and pretty to wear. I am planning to add some beads to the fringe at some point.

Cait is now teaching this class at the St. Lawrence County Arts Council.

Winter footsteps. Windswept.

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