Friday, June 27, 2008

Toggle clasps

New toggle clasps ready to glaze.

New glazed toggle clasps fresh from the kiln.


  1. I absolutely love those clasps!
    I have two of your pendants coming and I can't wait to get them. It was a fluke that I found them. Sometimes good things happen late at night as I stare bleary eyed at my computer screen...;^)

    Rosanne (cuzican)

  2. Oh Mary, these are fabulous! Gotsta get me one! Are they on your website?

  3. Thanks fab fibers. I am so glad you like these toggles. Your pendants are almost with you.
    Thanks so much for writing in.

  4. Lorelei,
    Wow, I am so pleased you want one. I should have them on my website by Friday. I will convo you and tell you exactly. If you have a preference about which let me know. Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. Hi Mary,

    I love the organic subject of so many of your beads, your pendants and now the toggles! The ceramic gives it a texture that you can't get in beads made of other materials. Just lovely!


  6. I especially love the one that's pictured in this post by itself.

  7. Hi Mary! These are so delish! I love them!

    You are next on the Jewelry Exchange list, after Joelle. If you can send me your address gaea(at)ojai(dot)net I will pass it onto Joelle!

  8. Cindy,
    I think that it is great that you like the ceramic look in these toggles. I am excited about them and am so glad that you are too. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Hi Gaea,
    I am excited about participating in the necklace project. I will send you my address. Also thank you so much for the great comments on my new toggle clasps. Much appreciated.


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