Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jewelry Art Exchange with Gaea, Lorelei, Joelle and Jennifer

A few weeks ago Gaea came up with the idea of a Jewelry /Art Exchange on her blog. I learned about this fun project from Lorelei's blog and wrote in to Gaea that I would like to participate. I am not quite sure of all the artists who have joined in but will add their names as I learn of them. So far I am the third person to add to this necklace. Below I have included pictures of the additions as they were made and by whom.

Lorelei's contribution (above) Joelle's contribution (above)

Mary Harding's contribution (ab0ve)

I added a small bird, a red gemstone, the green fiber chain, and the toggle clasp. I have really enjoyed this challenge. Can't wait to see how it turns out. The small bird and the toggle clasp are ceramic beads handmade by me. Now the necklace is going on its way to Jennifer Stumpf .


  1. Nice work Mary! I love the green chain, that is so cool! And the bird, love it! I like to see the new clasp used too! I haven't used mine yet. It seems a shame to put it at the back of a piece. I want to use mine in the front! :)

  2. Great additions Mary! I am so excited about everyones contributions!

  3. So glad you like my additions Lorelei and Gaea. I know what you mean about the toggle clasp. I wanted to use it in front but it didn't work for me. But I couldn't resist when I found one with a good color for the necklace.

  4. Mary, Love your additions. I will keep my eyes open for challenges like this. I would love to participate.
    Joan Tucker, Off Center Productions

  5. Thank you Joan and Lana, I really appreciate you visiting and leaving such a great comment. Hope we can get something like this going again.

  6. Anonymous28/8/08 06:09

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