Saturday, May 02, 2009


Last week when I was recovering from the regular flu and spent a lot of time on the couch, I was able to view this DVD several times. I really like it and I have learned how to make rivets. It took a lot of practice as Susan tells us it will but I can now make a wire rivet with 16 gauge and 14 gauge wire.

As many, I have been an admirer of Susan Lenart Kazmer for many years. I have just recently purchased her book and now this video. I have never met her but I can tell that she is a very engaging person and in the DVD I found her to be a great teacher as well.

I bought my copy of the DVD from Beading Daily and it arrived speedily. I highly recommend this tutorial if you are burning to learn riveting as I was.

After many practice rivets, I made the piece below which I have enjoyed wearing. Metal is quite amazing. Now I hope to move on the riveting stones, glass and ceramics. We will see.


  1. Hi Mary, I've been working with a lot of metal as well. Mary Hettmansberger's book "Wrap, Stitch, Fold, and Rivet" is awesome. I have been doing those projects, but I have one of Susan's books also and it too is incredible! Oh, so much to do!! I like how you do bits of everything.
    I'm thrilled your pieces are in the abs challenge prizes, SWEET!!
    I am still interested in your freeform peyote stitch instruction book, but it says if you order the kit, you get the book, but where is the kit? I am computer challenged at times! Love your work!! Sharon
    Email me about the kit:

  2. Mary, that's a great start, it's also very stress-relieving as you WHACK that hammer, LOL! I was fortunate to take a class in Santa Fe, NM (one of my favorite places to visit) for Bead Expo with Susan, and she's a hoot and tons of fun. I only had one day with her and learned a ton, this was back in maybe, 2003 or earlier? Before she had the book. If you get a chance to take her class jump at it, you'll have fun.

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing the work and your learning process! HOPE you're feeling better ...


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