Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Work

Here is a newly created Maple Wings circular pendant with a slightly different coloring.
I have been working on some new ceramic pendants. Here is one I really like of some young oak leaves. It is so interesting that these just formed leaves look more like feathers than the image we have of oak leaves. This pendant does not have a hole in it. It could be a cabochon or I was thinking of affixing a bail to it. I wanted to see what it looked like first without a hole.

These have been added to my webstore for purchase here.


  1. These are sooo nice Mary, love the colors!! I love anything about trees usually, and these say trees to me!

  2. Hi Sharon, trees are really wonderful inspiration. I am pleased you like my new oak leaves.

  3. these are wonderful, mary. one can never glean enough inspiration from trees, leaves, flowers. so much to choose from. i love this new work, very lovely, as always!

  4. Jennifer, thank you for looking. I value your comments and those of all my readers. They help me stay inspired and are such a boost. Thanks for your support.


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