Sunday, September 27, 2009

On our recent vacation in Maine, I visited Freeport for the first time. I had wanted to see the Beadin' Path and L. L. Bean. We went on the rainiest day possible which turned out to be the busiest day as well. That gigantic parking lot at L. L. Bean, which was empty when we arrived very early in the morning, was completely full by 10:30 AM. I had no idea what a nice and cute place Freeport would be. And best of all, I was able to visit the new and expanded Beadin' Path, and what a treat that was. The photo above is of some of the wonderful beads I took home from there. I am working with some of them this morning, which prompted me to get this post written. I had been planning on it for some time.
Those lovely greens and dark burgundy/orange reds are their sea glass, and the teal leaves are lucite. They come in every color imaginable.
In fact the store is wonderfully organized by color for each different category of beads. And well stocked, indeed!! I have more pics that I am saving for my newsletter which should be coming out soon. Meanwhile, I am enjoying a rainy day at home beading.

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