Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to The Beads of Clay Open Studio Blog Event

Welcome to the Beads-of-Clay Open Studio Blog Event. I am excited to be participating today and looking forward to greeting you on my blog. You can talk to me through the comments section of the blog. As a special celebration for today's events, I am giving a 40% discount on any purchase in my Etsy store between 1:00PM and Midnight tonight. I have put each part of today's activities into separate blog posts but I will be keeping up with comments.

This event is about visiting my studio, seeing my creative process and celebrating Fall. I will celebrate with two Giveaways that will be announed by picture postings at 1:15PM and 3:00PM. You can be part of this Giveaway by making a comment on my blog during this event. The first drawing of names from commenters will be at 2:15PM and the second winner will be announced at 3:00PM. So you have two chances to win because I will be putting all the names back in from the first drawing for the second drawing.

By way of introduction, I am a ceramic bead artist. I have been making beads out of clay for about 10 years. I happened into this wonderful art form by chance. I was making macrame jewelry at the time and I couldn't find beads with holes large enough. When I had an opportunity to take a clay class at my friend's gallery Ladies First, I made my first ceramic beads, while the rest of the class was making bowls and tiles. And it has gone on from there.

I including a schedule of events so that you can pop back and forth between the 17 or so artists that are participating in this event. You can find their live links at the Beads-of-Clay blog .
Here is the scedule: ( I have made a separate blog post for each of the events but your comments will be counted no matter which one you put them on.)

1pm: Individual Artists welcome people to their blog by introducing themselves and announcing any special discount prices in their Etsy store or website.
1:15: Picture posting of 1st giveaway to commenter on your blog post.
2pm: Commenter winner giveaway announced
2:15: Opening up your studio space: Share pictures of your studio
3pm: Picture posting of 2nd giveaway to commenter on your blog post.
3:15pm: Commenter winner giveaway announced
3:30pm: Here are some "Fall" info that we would like to share
4:00 End of event but shoppers can continue with my "sale" prices until Midnight


  1. Hello Mary, I am not sure if my first message came through so I will try again. i am looking forward to visiting your Etsy site to buy a pendant for my daughter for Christmas and a ginko piece for myself. Beth Leroux

  2. Hi Beth,
    Thank you for stopping by. Your name is in the hat. I hope you found the ginkos in my Etsy store. I hope to mail out your glass soon. Your support is so appreciated


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