Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cilantro Love

One of my very, very favorite herbs is Cilantro. I often try to grow it in my garden. For awhile it does well, but before long it turns into Cilantro berries, which have their own special flavor. But for me the leaf of the Cilantro is where it's at. I love how it enhances any sauce or soup. Did I ever tell you how I grew up in the Southwest. ( At least a hundred times ) So this year I decided to make my love for Cilantro into a heart. And here it is. It came out well. You can see it in my Etsy Shop. I don't know if wearing this heart pendant protects you from anything, like garlic, but it will keep you in a happy, sunny mood thinking of all that delicious salsa and sauce you could make. And for me, it keeps that sunny Arizona/ California feeling close at hand.


  1. Oh, I LOVE cilantro fresh in salsa and hummus (or falafel). I grew some early this year in my garden, and the smell was - well, probably, a bit overwhelming to a early pregnant me (I had to pull it up and give it all away... as to not ruin it for me after the pregnancy).

    There are certain smells that are wonderful to take in from the garden, this being one of them! I just wish pregnancy didn't give me super human smelling abilities. Almost over anyway... Next summer, fresh cilantro again!

    The heart pendant is quite fitting too - I totally get it! Love of gardening, of plants, and of food... ahhh...

  2. Beautiful pendant! And thanks for sharing the story behind it!

  3. Marsha, I can remember the super smell ability when I was pregnant. I could even smell the street. I had one of my children around the time your baby is due and this is a hard time of year to be pregnant since there is so much you want to do and can't always do it. But so worthwhile in the long run. I am so glad to hear you are a salsa fan. I will have to try it in hummus. I made a wonderful soup with it over the weekend and look forward to Spring when it will grow fresh again.
    Speaking of great smells from the garden we have some rosemary plants we took in for the winter and I love to walk by them and gently rub the leaves and enjoy their breath taking smell.

  4. Hi Silver Parrot, Thank you for stopping by. How great you like the Cilantro Love heart and story. Thanks for writing in.

  5. Mary - I don't particularly like cilantro myself, but I totally love the pendant!


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