Friday, December 11, 2009

Looking for Indigo Part 2

When Cindy Gimbrone and I began our collaboration on beads for part of the ArtBeadScene December Monthly challenge prize, we first picked the colors we would work with. She in glass and I in ceramics.

After picking a color palette, I made a number of samples with round beads to get the colors we were looking for. Cindy wrote about this part of the collaboration in one of her Studio Saturdays for ArtBeadScene. I had no problem with the bright lime green and the deep purple. When I made a sample bead using these colors and my conceptualized idea of how I would combine colors and the white/ivory linear feel of the painting, I was pretty disappointed in how it turned out. See pic above.

After a few days and considerable agonizing, I realized what was wrong, I needed a non glaze background color to work from. And that is when I began thinking about how to make Indigo. I hadn't been able to find a commercial glaze in indigo that was really indigo. So I tried mixing some stains together. I ended up using black and cobalt. First the black and then the cobalt added on top of it.

Once that happened I was on my way and the beads below are what resulted.

I have just listed some of these beads on my Etsy shop.

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