Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soldering Class

Picture of the soldered shapes after they were tumbled.

Yesterday, my friend Sally Hartman and I attended a class at Raw Treasures, the best little bead store in our Northern County, and learned how to solder. We used one of those fantastic Little Torches and made a fairly simple bracelet using a jig. Although a rather plain and simple project, I see so much potential in being able to form these shapes on a jig and solder them together. I actually liked our practice pieces in copper better than the finished ones in silver. I can see wonderful earrings, links and bracelets using the copper with other fun components. I know that today when I go to my studio that I will be experimenting with our practice copper pieces to see what I can do to jazz them up. The other cool thing about the class is that the little butane torch I have can be used to do these simple solders, as well. So I am all set. I have the wire, the copper solder and the torch. Can't wait to do some more of these.

These are the copper practice shapes soldered. I am going to play with them before they are tumbled.

I'll post some pics when I have some ready.


  1. That is a very fun shape. I can see dangling beads off of them.

  2. Hi LeAnn, thanks for coming and commenting. I have some ideas for using them with my glass as well. Hope to do some today to show tomorrow.

  3. oooh! it's love - those are great!! you are so right about the possibilities... have ever so much fun!

  4. Oh I love those shapes, so pop art, to me anyway! I am taking a semester long class in metal work at the local community college.
    I will use my new found skils incorporating the pendants I received from you. I will send pics, but it might be awhile! Love YOUR work!

  5. Hi Marie, So nice of you stop and comment. I have some in the glass kiln right now. Hope they come out well enough to post tomorrow.

  6. Hi Sharon, Thanks for stopping by and making such nice comments. I think working with metal is quite exciting. I would love to see the pics of what you make with my pieces. Look forward to it.

  7. Mary, Love the pieces. I can't wait to take a solder class myself. Let your imagination go wild.


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