Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Summer Fun bracelet by Mary Harding with handmade ceramic charms by Earthenwood Studio

This month's topic for the ArtBeadScene Carnival Bloggers is Anticipation.  I have been keeping my ears open to hear this word and it isn't one that comes up too often.  Anticipation is more of an idea than a word we use a lot.  For ceramic bead artists, anticipation is a frequent experience: every kiln firing is about anticipation:  the good kind and the bad kind. 

Seasons are about  anticipation:  this time of year is about the ground opening up to let new plants start growing, Just this afternoon, I spent some time filming my chive plants and I am anticipating a great plate of cream cheese and chives to spread on some home made bread. 

And I saw a few spears of green garlic coming through the straw.  Yum.

I think I am going to make my blog post about anticipating my favorite season --and what I enjoy about it--all through the eyes of Art Beads.

I love Summer best.  My bracelet with charms from Earthenwood Studio is about some of the pleasures of Summer: picnics, cook outs, pizza, and cold beverages.  And don't Hot dogs on a bun really taste best when it is sunny and warm?

I look forward to my veggie garden that I plant every summer.  Here are some ceramic veggies from Earthenwood Studio and a charming pea pod from Green Girl Studio.

I look forward to heat and the sound of Summer insects. This charming ceramic pendant by Lisa Boucher and the finely detailed pewter toggle clasp by Green Girl Studios anticipate these for me.

I love the bright light of Summer and how it makes the world so colorful.
Melinda Orr's gorgeous ceramic butterfly pendant whets my appetite for bright Summer colors in flowers and flying critters.

As I think about anticipation, a misquoted line from Percy Bysshe Shelley comes to mind:

Now that Spring is here, Can Summer be far behind? 

 Anticipation is what keeps me looking forward to the good things to come.

 As I write this blog tonight, I am excitedly anticipating that little bit of summer the weather man has predicted for this weekend.  I hope you have some of it too.


  1. Anonymous31/3/10 02:38

    Dear Mary,
    this post is really beautiful! You have touched my core and I agree with every bit of it all. This week for me was full of anticipation for many things in life so I enjoyed your positive view of such state of mind and heart in one's life.


  2. Thanks for the summer lovin'! I see the sun getting ready to come out bright and warm today...makes me soooooo happy!!!

  3. Fun bracelet, Mary! I too love summer best. Can't wait for the warmer weather. I am experiencing so much anticipation now with a baby on the way! Thank you for your well wishes on my pregnancy, means so much!

  4. Hi Alek, So nice to hear from you and that you share my positive outlook. I am enjoying your blog posts.

  5. Hi Jen, We are lovin' life here these past days with those promised summer days and temps in the 80's. Breaking all sorts of records. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. Hi Erin, So good to hear from you. Glad you like the bracelet. One of my favorites. Enjoy your pregnancey. It is such a very special time. I keep on being happy for you every day.

  7. What beautiful photos! Your post made me *anticipate* digging into my own stash to make a summer-themed piece. Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I am happy when I can make anyone feel like summer since it is my time of year. thanks for stopping by and posting.


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