Saturday, July 10, 2010

New on My Website

New on my website

I had fun with the colors on this pendant.  I was really  pleased that it came out so well.

And this twin flowers blooming tomato pendant is also now on my website.

Love that branch toggle bar from Bello Modo.

A new toggle for me.  Wild pasture grass.  I like the brown and light green and copper together.

My son is here for just a couple more days.  We had torrential rains and lighting like crazy yesterday.  And today it is back up in the 80's and even though the river is rising, it is still warm.  We are going to go out in our canoe soon and just gets some of that lazy summer river sunshine.

This was take before the rain.  Now the river is a luscious brown color. And looks sultry and summery.


  1. I just love the colours in the pieces such beautiful work, will need to check out on etsy.

  2. Really beautiful Mary. I love the first pendant-alot! What a great looking river you have there. Enjoy:)

  3. So beautiful, I love the vibrant colors in your flower pendant!

  4. Oh Mary! Your work is amazing and I love it! I know I have yet to call--been a little under the weather here and sleeping alot! Yes, love your river, too!! xo Cait


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