Monday, November 15, 2010

Re: 2nd Saturday State of the Studio

MarshaNealStudio on the Beads-of-Clay blog posts a 2nd Saturday State of the Studio every month.  We can link to it and show you how are studios are humming along.
This Saturday I am working on some hot pepper beads made from one of the jalapenos I grew in my garden last summer.  It has dried and is now very hard.  So I am trying out the 2 part quick molding compound I have to see what I can come up with.

In another part of my studio I am drying part of my 100 hearts order.  These are in the food dehydrator that is my current favorite tool.  These 2 shelves have about 60 hearts on them.

Here on a piece of plaster board some hearts are getting just hard enough to place in the food dehydrator without the ribs in the shelving making marks in the clay.  That white powdery stuff is baby powder I dip the cutter in before I cut out the heart.  Helps some.

And in my outside studio, my veggie garden, I have recently planted garlic for next summer. It is safely tucked into the ground with a nice covering of straw.

And here is the sunflower I have been photographing off and on all summer and fall.  It is looking truly magnificent on this very beautiful sunny Saturday.
I think we are having a 2nd Indian Summer here in the Northeast while Detroit and Chicago and the Twin Cities are getting an early winter storm.  I am working very fast this weekend to do all those things that need to be done before winter.  This won't last.


  1. cool - what a hot peppa! Do you always use that 2 part silicone mold. I have yet to get mine to set up at all. I know it has got to be exact. hmmm...

  2. Great look at your studio Mary. i want a dehydrator so bad.. been looking at thrift shops, craigslist since i don't want to buy a new one. But I may have too. Great pepper mold.

  3. Who is getting all those wonderful hearts of yours? and when can I get some???
    I love your tiny hears and thanks for the peak into the studio. I am fascinated by your creativity.

  4. your garlic looks very comfy! :)

  5. Hi Marsha, I used my postal scale to get the amounts right. Seemed to work ok.

  6. Hi Yoli, thanks for stopping by. I really love that dehydrator. I think pieces end up much flatter. and there are so many other uses like drying glaze coats and drying pieces rinsed in water and on and on. also a really safe place to store pieces before they go in the kiln.

  7. Thanks Shannon for stopping by. I don't have any hearts in my shop yet. You can special order. Just email me.

  8. Hi Copper Diem, thanks for stopping by. Your comment made me chuckle. I am hoping they are comfy. I planted them a little late. luckily we are having a really warm spell so they can get started sprouting before the soil freezes hard.

  9. Yes, this weather is truly unpredictable. Here too the whole week was like summer and next week the frost is coming.
    Anyway, I think your garlic will be just fine, and your hearts too :) Hearts made with heart! Beautiful! Gotta try that silicone. Can't wait to see that pepper in the "finale" :)

  10. Mary, you must have read my mind! I just dusted off the old dehydrator in the cellar! I was going to dry herbs but now I guess I might have to use it for drying clay pieces instead!

  11. I forgot to tell you I finally got a small kiln up and running to fire the pieces my students made during the summer. Remember, How you encouraged me? You have been so kind and generous with your support and sharing of knowledge-You have truly inspired me. I feel we are more than virtual friends!

  12. A food hydrator a wonderful idea!
    Mary you must have Brrrr cold weather now! Stay warm! ox Janet


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