Sunday, March 06, 2011

And the Winner is........2:15

And ther Winner of my stoneware ceramic Butterfly Toggle Clasp is Penny  by random number generator.  Thank you all who stopped and visited and left me such wonderful comments about my work.  I so appreciate it.

I am glad you are back!!  Here are a few pictures of my studio which is part of an old barn built around 1850.  We are fixing it up.  Here is a picture of the beginnings of fixing the outside:

New siding from pine trees in our woods.  We are grateful for the help from our Amish neighbors.

Inside my studio.  Close up is the area where I hand paint and glaze my pieces.  In the back is the area where I roll out the clay and dry my pieces.  My husband recently put in all new long fluourescent lights.  Now I can really see well and hardly any shadows.  Such a help for all that hand painting I do.

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  1. Drat! I've totally got my time zones confused. Your work is beautiful - I love that butterfly toggle!

  2. That barn is fabulous! I can't wait to see it when it is complete!!!

  3. Love that old barn… I wish I had a secondary building on our property. Maybe some day - if we move. Yay for good lighting - it's so important (Dave just fixed some of the pull chains to outlets for me - so much better than walking pulling a billion chains - although I had it down to a rhythm when exiting the room).

  4. What a great place to create Mary! Love the barn and all of the great work that goes there!

  5. I love it. So fortunate to have the help as well.

  6. Mary, WOW.... Your studio is in an old (very, very old) barn! I didn't realize this. I'm quite fascinated with old barns and never really have the chance to go inside them. I do hope you'll post more pictures of the barn again soon.


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