Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank you and An Exciting Achievement a BeadStar Finalist

My Desert Dusk necklace     Finalist for BeadStar in Seed Beads

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on the bracelet I made for the 7000 Bracelets for Hope  blog hop.  You were all so encouraging and generous with you time and words.  Thank you SO much.
I also am very excited to see that I was included as a Finalist in the BeadStar Competition in Seed Beads.  That means that my necklace along with 19 other lovely pieces was chosen to be voted on for the final winners in that category.  I am especially pleased to be a finalist in the seed bead category because of my free style and intuitive, rather than patterned approach to bead weaving.  I feel so honored,  If you want to vote on all or any of the 8 categories for BeadStar please click here.  The link will take you to the page where you can view all of the finalists.  They are spectacular.


  1. I love this! And I voted for it before I even knew it was yours. It is lovely.

    And I am a Bead Star finalist too, in the metals category. Mine is the second one in, Tin Blossoms. So glad to be a part of this again!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Mary,of course i alredi know who my vore is going to be your necklace is abso fabu you are so multi talented ttfn L:)

  3. Wonderful piece! Voted for it. Many great pieces.

  4. congratulations on your entry, it really is lovely

  5. Congratulations, Mary! Such a gorgeous piece!

  6. Congratulations! I love your free style of bead weaving! That is a really wonderful necklace. Enjoy your well- deserved fame. I am off to look at the other ones too! Thanks for the reminder it is that time.

  7. Mary, what great news!! There's no surprise why your necklace was chosen as a finalist - it is absolutely fabulous!! I am in awe, and I really admire your free-form style.

  8. Anonymous6/5/11 09:15

    Congratulations! I'm going to have to go cast my vote!


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