Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Icy Wonderland

We had quite an ice storm here last week.  The sun finally came out and I took these spectacular pics of the ice on the trees.  It had been 15 degrees below 0 the night before.  Went from rain to below zero in a day.  Hence the ice stayed around.  Today it will be 40 degrees above 0. I can hear the ice falling onto the roof. I am glad I got out with the camera in time to catch these beauties.

My raspberry plants iced and then snow covered

I love close up shots of ice.   Quite a build up here

We finally ventured out and this is what the road looked like.  Trees bent over and branches touching the ground.  Many folks were without power.  We were very lucky to have not lost it at all.

Winter blues have to be some of my favorite colors!!
I hope everyone is warm!!  Some never have to worry about this kind of weather.
I grew up in a warm climate and am still missing it at times.  But this kind of scenery helps make up for being cold!!


  1. I grew up in a very cold climate and there are many times that I have missed seeing that icy beauty. It's nice to get a little glimpse of it from your world.

  2. Oh what lovely pictures!
    Up here in Sweden and the part I live in it has been a very turbulent winter cold one day and warm the next
    not much snow and it has been melting away rather quickly We did have about 6 -7 inches for a short while but at the moment just a hint of white cover
    I was slow with the camera when beauty showed up..:) but You made it !!Keep warm xxxx B


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