Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Bronze Wire Golden Tips

I found this wire in my studio yesterday and decided to try it out for making balled end pins.  I had bought it some time ago from Objects and Elements.  As you can see it is 20 gauge so it could make some nice ear wires or be used to make some wrapped loops.
They balled up quickly and the colors are quite nice.  A kind of golden pink--a little different than copper.  This wire has copper in it.  There are a couple of bronze type wires on the market so I am not sure which one this is.
Here is another pic of them showing all the colors the wire turned in the heat of the torch.
Then I buffed them and took off most of the black and they turned a golden brass color--quite lovely.

And here is the little butane torch that did all the work.  A Lenk 500.  A real pleasure to use this little guy and get big torch results for drawing a bead on wire.  (I got mine from Amazon but it is also carried by many local Ace Hardware stores and can be ordered from Sears.)

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  1. I have that same torch and I love it!!!


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