Friday, August 10, 2012

Studio Improvement

Hurray!!! I have running cold water in my studio.  I am so excited.  Makes washing all those wooden skewers that I use to glaze my beads and pendants on so much easier. And all the other tasks that require water like sponging off the green ware, mixing the hand painting glazes and washing my brushes.  We might even add one of those cool little hot water heaters by winter.

Ariston 7-Gallon Electric Point-of-Use Water Heater

But who wants to be thinking of winter now.  So happy to have the running water.  Many thanks to my sweet husband.


  1. Wooooo Hoooo!!! Water!!!

  2. Yay - running water. I was so happy when mom put a sink in the garage. Hmm...maybe I will mention that little hot water heater to mom because the water is freaking cold in the winter time. My fingers curl up from the cold - and I agree - who wants to think of winter right now.
    Have fun with the running water!

  3. Don't the little things make us so happy (well running water is not so simple nor little). Good to have a handy hubby.

  4. That is awesome!!! And possibly a heater to make the water warm in the winter... Woo-Hoo! Great job hubby!


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