Monday, March 17, 2014

New In My Etsy Shop

Handmade Ceramic Birds  Set of 3  Brown and Blue  Folk Art Style
Bird Beads  Ceramic  in my Etsy shop
I blogged about these on Art Bead Scene here

Some new beads in my Etsy Shop.  Have been trying out different bead shapes, bolder toggle bars, urban style stains and glazes and a new leaf style.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

A Pair of Heart Pendants  Grunge Green and Dark Metallic Green   Leaf Pattern

Ceramic Hearts Urban Chic style  in my Etsy shop
Handmade Pendant Pasture Plant Leaves of Vetch Ceramic Clay Hand Painted

Pasture Leaves  by Mary Harding  in my Etsy Shop

Folded Bead Ceramic  and Bail  all in one   in my Etsy Shop
Handmade Rustic Ceramic Toggle Clasp Tomato Plant Budding  copper bar
Toggle Clasp Faded Blues  in my Etsy Shop

Handmade Rustic Stoneware Ceramic Clay  Toggle Clasp  Browns and Blue

Stoneware Toggle Clasp with bolder toggle bar in my  Etsy Shop

Heart Pendant Birch Leaf Rustic Style
Birch Leaf Heart Pendant in my Etsy Shop  

Handmade two hole Earthenware Ceramic Beads Green Rustic
Two Hole Beads in my Etsy Shop


  1. Your beads are wonderful!

  2. Lots of yummy stuff - I love that bright green on the pink/purple background!

  3. Thanks so much. That is such a Spring like green. So glad to hear it works for you!!

  4. As usual, I like everything but those stain experiments I think will really produce gold! Love those new shapes too.


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