Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Experiment Results

Here is how they came out after being fired this last time.  Are you surprised?  I know I was even though I know that firings can change a piece a lot.  And best of all, I am happily surprised.  Here is the list again of what I did to the pieces.

Here is what I did, starting at the top--going from left to right
1. Brown daisies stained with iron oxide--2 loop pendant
2.  Daisy cabochon stained with iron oxide and then lightly colored with a red glaze on the petals and a blue glaze on the center and lightly clear glazed
3. Round cabochon stained with  cobalt and covered with clear glaze ( left side of plate) That was a mistake.  No cobalt stain, just hand painted with several colors of glazes.
4. Stick pendant stained and then partially painted with a orange glaze and a light coat of clear
5. Rustic snail pendant glazed in a pink brown.
6. 2  hole pendant stained with iron oxide and lightly colored with several glazes and then a light clear glaze added--garden image
7. Fan of Daisy petals  rustic cabochon stained with iron oxide and then lightly clear glazed just on the petals.
 (small stained tab piece--from a broken pendant I didn't include in this picture-- it came out pretty blah!!) One thing I did notice is that the clear glaze significantly lightens the oxide color and makes it almost pale.
8. Donut with lightly color glazed small leaves and some other areas.  No clear glaze.
Most of the pieces were fired first with just the iron oxide glaze--after they were bisqued so when I fire these pieces it was for the 3rd time.

I have a few more experiments to do.  Like tumbling some beads I stained with iron oxide and trying out some new clays.  Will post them when I do them but it may be awhile.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy New Year!!


  1. Wow, these all came out great. Really fun to see.

    1. Thank you Ann! I was very pleasantly surprised!!

  2. Oh my, I knew I would love that, I'm absolutely fascinated by the daisy cabochon and the top daisy pendant, will they get in your shop?

    1. Thanks so much Karin. I am so happy you found the ones you wanted in my Etsy shop!!

  3. It's interesting that something as simple as an oxide does such wonderful things. You are making me yearn to work in ceramics again, all I need is a new kiln!

  4. I agree!! I hope you do try ceramics again. Wonderful medium!!


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