Thursday, February 04, 2016

Adding Color

Pussy Willow Pendant

All of the pieces in this post had color added to them after the iron oxide was applied.  Most of them were fired first and then fired a second time with the added color.  Most of these pieces have been sold.  But I am having an update to my Etsy shop tomorrow, Friday Feb. 5 at about 2:00 PM EDT,.  I will be adding new toggle clasps,  pendants and some cabs.  Hope you can stop by.
Pussy Willow Pendant

Rustic Flower Pendant

Daisy Cabochon

Daisy Pendant that turned white where ever I added the clear gloss glaze

Toggle Clasp with green and some red added

Toggle Clasp and Earring Charms  color added and then fired, then more color and gloss glaze selectively added and fired yet again

Sublte color blue green added

I painted on the the teal after the initial iron oxide firing and fired again

 green color added after the iron oxide firing

Next post is going to be titled Changing Clay and will feature those clays and some with iron oxide.  Hope to see you at my shop update tomorrow, 2-05-16 in my Etsy Shop


  1. I love how the color stands out against the beautiful iron oxide. And I am in love with your poetic grunge series of toggles. Wonderful work.


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