Monday, May 26, 2008

Ceramic Bead Making Class Day 2

Luckily the second Saturday of my Ceramic Bead Making class turned out to be beautiful and sunny since we were outside glazing beads and raku firing them.

Here is a bird's eye view of the kiln of their fired bisque ware ready for glazing. I did slip some of mine in here too somewhere.

We all sat around two tables up in front of the entrance to my studio. This seems to be a great spot since there is electricity and we have quick access to my studio in case we need something.

Sally Hartman stopped by and made some oak leaves and fired a couple of beads. She makes lovely smoke fired earrings out of these leaves.

Here is a bead rack after the beads were quenched in cold water and the straw and sawdust rinsed off. You can see that there are some beauties there.

These are some of the raku beads (many went unphotographed since I was so busy I forgot to do it sooner) after they have been scrubbed with Ajax and dried. They are being photographed in the late late afternoon sun. I pulled the last load of beads out of the kiln about 6:00 PM. We had started at 12 Noon. Wow are those colors great!! Everyone made great beads. What a wonderful day we had. I am so glad that we did this!!

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