Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Isis Saturday Knitting

I have always hated to knit. I was taught as a child and just found it to be very frustrating. And in fact Isis has tried to teach me in the past and I still hated it. But not too long ago our little artist group that makes up Isis Saturdays wanted to knit so I joined in. I had heard about and seen a one hour hat project that looked doable before I would become too frustrated. It was big yarn and big needles. In fact I had given my daughter-in-law needles and yarn for the project at Christmas. So we all agreed to try the hat since none of us are knitters. I had a lot of yarn around the house from when I was making bead crochet bracelets so I took some of that and some size 13 needles I had around for making large holes in beads for a macrame wall hanging project several years ago. I had a good attitude I thought when we got there and Isis was a magical teacher. This time I seemed to get it, a bit. I knitted and purled and so on until my arms ached ( I had very long needles and my knitting was a bit too tight.) We had a great lunch from all the wonderful dishes each of us brought.
Sally finished her hat. (Isis modeling Sally's hat.)

Karan finished her hat (Early on Karen had this much done and had never knitted before)

(Kim knitting on her son's hat)

and Kim almost did.
I had some rows done. When I got home I put it away. Later in the week I showed it to my husband and he thought it had promise. During the week I knitted away on it. Later I found out that I had made up a few knitting stitches. But it worked and the hat was finished. Only problem, a little too tight. So I started another. Meanwhile I decided to get some circular bamboo needles (Isis recommends) These were a great improvement. After awhile the needles get very slick and the yarn just flies off and makes the whole process a real pleasure.

Hat number two got finished that second week. It was great, colorful and fun to wear but perhaps a little too short.

Now with my circular bamboo needles I embarked on hat three. I ran out of yarn halfway through and picked up some chenille I had around for the top. For size it came out perfectly. If you don't look too closely, you don't see the holes, mistakes and made up stitches. But to wear it, it feels wonderful and is rather stylish I think.

My three hats. From left to right beginner hat--- to the one I like the best.

Many thanks to Isis our magical teacher.

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