Tuesday, September 09, 2008

And Then the Sun Began To Shine

After weeks of rainy and overcast days this summer, about the third week in August the sun began to shine. And at long last our giant sunflowers began to bloom. I was thrilled.

To enjoy these sunny days I took off some time ( I skipped my August Newsletter and blogging) and spent them enjoying the fine weather. We even went camping. What fun. I guess summer is ending now as it has gotten colder on some days and the sun has become more scarce as large gray and white clouds keep rolling in. So now it is back to work and the normal flow of life. I love that too.


  1. Mary, I just returned to Seattle after 10 days in the Rhinebeck area and enjoyed my family's sunflowers. Two sets of blue birds flitted around. I have not seen blue birds since I was a girl in Massachusetts.
    Those hot long intense days were heaven. Fall brings lots of days for
    foliage contemplation and studio work. Happy Beading, Joan Tucker,
    Off Center Productions

  2. I love those sunflowers too! They are a sign of autumn for sure, especially with the cooler weather. But isn't nice to sleep with windows open at night? So refreshing, and it makes the next day much better.

  3. Thank you Joan and FabFibers for stopping by. I agree that there is something about a sunflower blooming that brings out good memories and a reverence for nature. I do love cool nights for sleeping but miss the warmth of summer.


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