Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Windy Night

We were away and missed the storm. But a giant branch from one of our 100 year old Maple trees was torn off by the strong winds that chased Ike out to sea. Thank goodness it was a graceful fall. It just missed our car, our house and our satellite dish. We feel so lucky.


  1. Mary, I am an old maple tree spirit and felt so badly that you have this big limb in your yard yet happy it missed hitting anything.
    I adore maples and always feel badly as they get old and lose limbs. The trees I helped plan at my parents house are now 55 and already seeing some aging problems. Anyways, glad you were not hurt. Joan T Off Center

  2. Thank you Joan. I am so glad you are a maple tree lover. So cool that you planted some at your parents' house as a kid. What a great experience. We are hoping our grandkids will plant some here this coming Spring.


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