Friday, January 30, 2009

New Hearts on my Website

Here is a picture of some of the hearts I have made lately. Some are now on my website store and some are on Etsy and some of them went to the Beads-of-Clay bead swap. And some didn't make it into the picture.
When I look at this picture it helps me remember that Spring is not that far away, despite the big snow storm we had two days ago. Soon I will be ordering seeds for our vegetable garden. Just yesterday it felt almost warm out and I didn't freeze walking to my studio. Hurry up Spring we are waiting for you.


  1. Mary, these are delicate and remind me of hand colored sepia photographs for some reason. Truly beautiful!

  2. Lynn, Amazing that you mention hand colored photos as a number of years ago I made cyanotype photos and hand colored them. I am delighted you like my hearts.

  3. these are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. Barb, Thank you for stopping by my blog and looking. I am so pleased that you like my hearts.

  5. These are gorgeous. I will pop back again when I have more time.


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