Sunday, January 04, 2009

The New Year

I am thinking about Blessings as I start the New Year. I am planning on staying positive despite the many changes and difficulties in the world.
I have been working on my expression of Blessings from the bead/charm exchange I participated in recently with:

The photo above is the necklace I created with the art work we exchanged. I am choosing to wear them as a group on a necklace so that I can feel the power of these blessings and be more aware of what I am grateful for. It will be an important part of this year 2009. warmer climate.

You can read more about this bead/charm exchange here.


  1. Oh Mary, It's fabulous! I so wanted to use all my goodies in one piece as well. But I decided to share the wealth of them all in a few different pieces. Again, it's gorgeous!!!

  2. wow, Mary! THAT IS SOME NECKLACE! Talk about an attention getter!
    Nice job!

  3. Wow! I can't believe how great our charms look all together! It really looks fantastic...great job!

  4. Great necklace, Mary! It's a work of art! What a powerful Talisman!

  5. Gee Christi, thank so much for looking and writing back about my Blessings necklace. I am so pleased that you like how I used your work. And that you like they all hung together.

  6. Lorelei, I guess it is a big one. I enjoy wearing it and have had great comments. I love your addition to it. Thanks for participating.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    It is true that the work of all of us goes well together. I love wearing the necklace. I feels it power when I do.

  8. Hi Erin,
    I am so glad that you like the necklace. I too feel it is a Talisman. It makes me feel so good to wear it. I love how your leaves add to its grace.


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