Friday, April 10, 2009


I have been so busy with prepping, teaching and firing for my Making Fused Glass Jewelry Class that I haven't been blogging much. And then I had a free day and I tried out my Mapp gas torch on some 20 gauge copper wire and 24 gauge copper sheet. What fun. I had drawn a bead on fine silver but never on copper. I could have gone on for hours. And what an indescribable red the bead is. Like a ruby in the rough.

The pendant below is made by a student in my glass class. Great combo with the copper. What a vibrant pendant. She had never made anything in fused glass before.

Beautiful pendants and links for a bracelet by Mary K, a student in my class.

Beautifl color in these stunning pendants and brooch made by June.Marita made these intricate and wildly colorful pendants and earrings.These delicate tiny links for a bracelet were made by Laura.

How lucky I was to spend such an exciting afternoon with such a talented group.


  1. Map gas torch...what a brillant idea! I now have a use for my old hothead torch. Thank you!

  2. Works great for those beaded headpins. And I just found out that if I use 18 guage wire the balls will be bigger--just right for some of my ceramic beads. Good to hear from you Fab Fibers.


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