Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Sale Find

I recently went to a book sale in a small village in Canada. I had a wonderful time despite the fact that there wasn't a bank in town for changing money and the wait in line was a freezing experience.

I found a wonderful book about the history of jewelry called Jewelry Ancient to Modern (with about 714 illustrations that are numbered and explained in detail) which I have checked and found is available on (used). I was so excited to see the photo above which depicts Egyptian faience figures. I have always wanted to see how these were used in jewelery since I have molds of them from the Metropolitan Museum and have made quite a few in the past out of clay and Paste Clay which simulates faience quite well.
In any case, the book is just packed with illustrations from the Ancient Near East, Egypt, Etruscan, Byzantine, and on to the present with the more recent work being that of Lalique.
This book has more illustrations than any other historical book about jewelry that I have seen. Indeed a great bargain at $1.00.

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