Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking for the Sun

When I first took this photo a few days ago, I called it Looking for the Sun. It was an overcast day and this was my lone sunflower that was in bloom. Miraculously, since that day, the sun has begun to shine. Yesterday we had a full day without rain, and more are predicted. I think five in a row. That will be a record. We have had rain almost every day, since June 25. I am very excited about the chance to go swimming and feel warm day and night.


  1. I hear you Mary! What is up with all this rain... It's like the ground has become a big soppy sponge around here...

    I love the sunflower too - all the deer keep deadheading any blooms from mine. Although the Zinneas are doing well and the Goldfinches are busy pulling off the petals to get to the seeds...

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful picture!

  2. Hi Marsha,
    I hope you are have a successful and fun time at BeadFest. Wish I were there but am having fun with family visiting. And that sunflower has been a lucky omen because we have had warm and mostly sunny weather for many days now. Great fishing and swimming on our river. Finally summer.


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