Monday, August 03, 2009

Lots of Littles

These are some small toggles and charms that I glazed up a few days ago. I am still struggling with the toggle bar and have been using ones I have purchased from Fusion Beads. But in the back of my mind I am hatching a plan to try making some with the new Copprclay. Just have to get up my courage to commit to the expense of the extra equipment needed for firing them. I have the kiln but you need a stainless steel pan and some charcoal.


  1. Very earthy and yummy Mary... I too struggle with the toggle thing. It is such a mental thing with me though (toggles freak me out when they don't hold as they should). Guess it would be a sit and just do it through experimenting with various sizes thing.

    Good luck with the metal clay. I am a huge fan, but keep my distance at the present time to force myself to experiment a bit more with the clay I've already got (my husband's voice is also that stick to it voice I hear).

  2. go get one, mary! these are just too lovely. go get your supplies. better it eats your wallet than eats at you. =)

  3. Marsha, I appreciate the advice about the toggle clasps and the tempting dilema of trying new materials. I have been making some larger clasps that work ok with the clay toggle. But those little ones just are too bulky, I think.

  4. Jennifer, thanks too for the input and thank you both for being so enthusiastic about the clay I am making.

  5. Jennifer, I just needed that little bit of encouragement to eat at my wallet. Many thanks.


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