Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bead Flowers

I have been making some ceramic components for my peyote stitch and other off  loom beaded jewlery.  These are some ceramic flower beads I have been making.  I am also making some ceramic bead caps which I will post about later.

This is a pair of bead flowers that I might use on the surface of a peyote stitch necklace I am making.  It was started during the ArtBeadScene challenge to make a piece inspired by VanGogh's Almond Blossoms painting.  Although I didn't finish in time for the challenge, I am pleased it got me started on this necklace. 
I used a Kemper flower cutter and let the push piece mark the hole.  I will string a turquoise seed bead over the hole which will give the flower some more color.  I wanted to use just this teal color since if goes well with the color scheme of the necklace which is blues and greens and of course a bit of almond white.

Here is a photo of me trying on some beaded flowers on the necklace.  They are not sewn on yet.  I like to try things out and take a pic and then if I knock them off or try something else I can always go back to the pic to reconstruct what I liked.  I learned this tip some time ago from Beads-of-Clay member  Elaine Ray and have found it to be very helpful.
It was one of my New Year's resolutions to make some beads for my own work this year.  So here I am trying them out.


  1. Oh I think they look great - they add another dimension to your gorgeous peyote work.


  2. I really like these little flower beads.

  3. Thank you so much Realeases by Rufydoof. I agree with y ou that they add another dimension to bead work. I have had fun making them. Now am looking forward to some beading time.

  4. Hey Natalie--love hearing from you. Thanks for the great feed back.

  5. Thanks so much Cindy. Your feedback is highly valued. Means a lot.


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