Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thank You For Blog Hopping

Thank you ALL who stopped by my blog for Lorelei's Michaels Blog Hop on Friday.  I really appreciate every one of your super supportive and helpful comments.
I have posted a picture of my necklace as if it were being worn.  I am not quite up to a self portrait photo shoot today.  LOL

Yesterday we visited St. Lawrence University's Library Browsing Room collection and I brought home this pile and my husband another pile.  I plan on some quiet reading time this vacation.  Currently I am enjoying every word in Lorrie Moore's recent book A Gate at the Stairs.

I found a full set of Brandon Mull's Fablehaven series at the SLU bookstore and am trying out the first volume.  Thank you Gaea for the suggestion.

I would love to hear what you are reading and liking.
Have a great Sunday!!


  1. Hi Mary! I've been so busy with shows and things that I have (ready for this?) 497 blog posts to read from all the blogs I follow. I plan to start hitting them tonight. So just wanted you to know you aren't ignored! :-)

  2. Thanks so for stopping by Lori. Sounds like a lot to read!!LOL I don't feel ignored

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  4. Hi Mary, (made a new one as I spelled strange)
    thank You for the nice words in my blog:)
    At the moment i am reading a book by Richard Webster about *guardian angels and guides*
    I am developing my work as a psychic... cleaning houses in distance (it works very well and I am learning all the time :))
    I wish You a very relaxing and happy HOLIDAY including the new Year !

  5. Your book sounds interesting Brigitta. I appreciate the holiday wishes and return them to you too.


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