Saturday, July 30, 2011

New in my Etsy Shop Today

A pair of washed denim colored heart charms/pendants

An soft yellow orange Daisy Pendant

A set of rustic stoneware beads

All of these are new in my Etsy Shop today.  Also a few pieces have been put on sale.  Hope you can stop by.


  1. Ohhh man I love those round beads!! I adore the Diary you sent! Its so sweet! I need to make a necklace out of it..soon..for ME! Mary you make such beautiful things..xx

  2. Thank you Lynsey for stopping by and making me feel so good!!

  3. Hi Janet, I just love the way these Coyote matte glazes come out so rustic and unique. Thanks for the great comment about them and the diary bead. Can't wait to see a pic of what you make for yourself.

  4. Ohh Mary, adorable as always.

  5. I love the little hearts!

    I do a weekly meme called WISH LIST MONDAY - hope you don't mind if I feature them there. I will link to your blog off course :)

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