Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Etsy Shop SingingGlass

I have known Janet for a long time now and have been watching her progress with learning the art of lampwork bead making, as well as, enjoying her wonderful blog and fun FaceBook entries.   Now she has a new Etsy Shop called SingingGlass . I don't know how she got so good so fast but take a look at these lovelies.

As you can see she has a rich color palette.  I think she must be as into color as I am.  And truly, when I was once interested in making glass beads, it was the colors that attracted me to that art form.  I think that must be true for Janet as well.  She puts them together beautifully.

I hope you get a chance to pop over and help Janet celebrate the opening of her new shop.


  1. Hi Mary, thanks for sharing Janet, i always love to check out new shops and support a new artist!
    take care and enjoy your Sunday ttfn Lana :)

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  3. (OOOps made a booboo)
    Its late and I am finally able to get on the PC! Been running around all day and I find this!! Mary thank you for all of your lovely comments about me! You are so kind. Made my day too. Lampworking is alot of work to learn..and Ive got so much still to learn. Thank you thank you! Big huggs across the many many miles Mary xoxoxo

  4. Awesome - have ti check her out!

  5. Off to check her out, Mary!! And I LOVE the name! Would love to get together with you in a couple of weeks if you are free?? xo

  6. So sweet of you to share Janet's new Etsy shop. I've been watching her lampwork progress as well and it's been inspirational. I remember when she purchased her set-up last summer, and now look! She is one talented lady! :-)


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