Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Copper and Clay

Hammered copper toggle clasps in progress

I have been doing some copper wire work and punching out disks in copper.  Really Fun Stuff.

Ceramic toggle clasp with my own hammered copper bar
in my Etsy Shop

Another ceramic toggle clasp with one of my hammered copper bars also in my Etsy Shop

I fused a copper swirl into the middle of this pendant. Now in my Etsy shop.

This is a bezel type connector bead with a copper swirl in the bezel.  In my Etsy shop

A hammered copper button bead.  Just practicing with these still. Thanks to Live Wire emag for directions on how to put the wire on a button.


  1. Love these, Mary! I especially like the button. That would make a great clasp and then you could add some dangles to the top. Fun!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I love the copper button bead, I can see all kinds of ways to use it!

  3. Oh Mary, you always surprise us with such cool new designs. Love them!

  4. Mary your toggles are to die for...even better in person!! And that copper button!! LOVE IT! xo

  5. I love all your designs because they are so rustic and soulful, and beating copper is such a cathartic experience, don't you think? :)

  6. Beautiful work! Glad you are enjoying the process of your new creations :)

    xo Genea

  7. Thank you all for writing in such encouraging and enthusiastic comments about this new work. I so appreciate it.

  8. I agree Sharon about the cathartic effect of beating copper. Works for any kind of mood. Always a joy to see how the metal moves and changes. Thanks for writing in.

  9. Mary, this is so exciting! You have been so busy, even with all your family stuff going on. I love everything and look forward to using some in my own jewelry!

  10. Mary, I always enjoying seeing your latest creations. You never sit still for long & always challenging yourself with new techniques. I really like how you blend your ceramic work with copper. Copper is such a great wire to work with, especially having done some work with brass recently - you realize just how much more giving copper is to work with.


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