Saturday, October 29, 2011

New in My Etsy Shop

Daisies Heart Pendant  This is one of the pieces in Heather Powers' new book.  I hope you have had a chance to see it.  It is a beauty.  I am so thrilled to have 5 of my pieces in it and to be part of one of her design projects.
After my Newsletter Subcribers' Appreciation sale my Etsy Shop inventory has gotten very low.  I thank all my loyal readers for their support. Now I am trying to build it  up again and have been listing a few pieces each day this week.  I thought I would share the pics with you.

 I think the onset of some very cold weather here in the Northeast has
made  me dip into my unconscious Southwestern past when I came up with this color scheme.

This heart is typical of the wetlands and forest fauna here.  Love those colors.

An oak leaf pendant with a dill seed in flower image.

A wild leaf pendant in a nice rose

This is a new style toggle for me.  It has a fair sized stringing hole for bracelets like the one below.

This bracelet is strung and knotted with cotton cord.  The toggle clasp with the hole works well with this style of stringing. ( not in my Etsy shop)


  1. Your new pieces are just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful! That red and blue flower focal is my absolute favourite though, completely stunning :-)

  3. Hi Mary,
    Your pendants are just breath taking!!
    <3<3<3 love


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