Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Culprit

Have you ever had the experience of your keyboard going haywire and eating up your words, changing your margins, jumping all over the place and typing numbers instead of words?  Well I have been dealing with this for quite a while but didn't know that it was that keyboard in the picture that was making my life so difficult.

 I was reluctant to take my tower into the computer shop since I could muddle my way through.  Finally I talked to one of the guys at our local computer store, the Computer guys and he told me to make sure that I didn't have the number lock on..  That was not the case.  Then I unplugged my keyboard and restarted it.  It was then that I noticed that the Number Lock light was coming on randomly and without me doing anything to make it come on.  So that is when I got the idea of trying another keyboard to see it that was the problem and lo and behold my old one had gone wild.  Turns out that is not an unusual event.   Well now that I have the new one installed I am typing just fine.  I have even blogged two days in a row ( including this post)!!


  1. oh i might try a new keyboard, mine acts odd as well

  2. Sometimes, it's just the simple things (and isn't THAT a relief!)

  3. Hi Nan, It was the last think I would have thought of. I hope it fixes your problem. It is such a pleasure to type now that I am not having to back up and retype everything.

  4. Hi Crazier Sister,
    Thanks you for commenting. Yes, it is a relief!!


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