Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enjoyment!! Happy New Year All

I am enjoying my Holiday time !!  Had the wonderful pleasure of seeing the new TinTin movie with my grandsons, their parents and aunt.  All seven of us in those plastic 3-D glasses in a MultiPlex theater.  My first 3-D.   The movie was such a heart warming experience.  My sons grew up on TinTin and now my grandsons are having the experience too!!

A fun beading project I mostly finished before we left.  A herringbone stitch necklace as a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law.  I amused myself in the car putting on the last touches.  She was so pleased with it.

Our first salad with the wonderful seasoned olive oils and vinegars we received for Christmas from them.
We tried the Cranberry Pear White Balsamic vinegar for this salad.  Yummy!!

I was so impressed by these buttons my daughter-in-law made here last summer in my studio.  And since she isn't a knitter, she bought a sweater and sewed them onto it.  They look so perfect there.

One of my grandsons goofing around in the silly optical glasses we got for him.  He is into being a rock star at age 10!!

Our Tree of Life.   This is a rubber tree that I have had for many years.  It grew so large that it was circling our dining area ceiling and was held up by many props.   Finally this summer we had to take it down.  I was so sad to see it go but it was getting to be too much of a cleaning challenge.  Gradually I pruned back the branches and was finally left with a three foot high stump with just one tiny branch that had a couple of leaves on it.  I decided to re pot it, put it outside and see what would happen.  By the end of September there were tiny buds all over the trunk.  They kept getting bigger.  When it got too cold for it to be outside anymore, we brought it in and put it back in its old spot.  Before long the leaves began to sprout.  Once it was cold  enough for us to begin heating the house, it grew even more leaves.   This is a very recent picture of how wonderfully it is doing.  Our Tree of Life  Full of New Growth.  What a joy!!  What an affirmation of the spirit to stay alive!!

A recent photo of me with a hat that is supposed to cover my ears but slips up and bunches out my hair.  My husband says it looks cute and reminds him that I am a Lion, so he took this pic.

Happy New Year to all!!
 May your days be filled with new growth,
enjoyment and the spirit to be alive and seize life in the present.


  1. Wishing you all the best for 2012!

  2. I really enjoy seeing your family inspired pics me that is what life is all about!
    Wishing you the best New Year ever!

  3. Love that necklace Mary! Happy New Year to you :)

  4. Mary, I sure enjoyed your update. What a great idea for non-knitters (like myself), to take the store-bought buttons off a sweater and embellish with your own!
    Your grandson reminds me of my 9 year old son - a budding rock star. :-) And I loved your Tree of Life seem to have quite the green thumb. It is so nice when a plant can be saved and continues to thrive. I'm glad yours is doing so well! Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year to you too!! I have a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves to go with that stylish hat of yours in a giveaway celebrating 2 years of blogging you could win! Come on over and see. Looking forward to watching you make more amazing beads this year!!


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