Sunday, July 01, 2012

My First Metal Bead Follow Up

copper bead soldered with copper paste solder and copper wire solder

I found some of the copper metal paste solder at Lowes and tried it.  The solder has a very low melting temp---about 450 degrees which makes it hard to work with since it easily catches on fire and also will unmelt when you use a higher melting temp solder such as the copper wire solder that I have been using.  Nevertheless with many attempts I was able to create this bead pictured above.  I also made a couple more but am not sure I will use much more of that low temp paste,.  Turns out you could use charcoal grill lighter as a heat source and it would melt. Maybe that is the way to go with it after using a higher temp solder for some of your other attachments.  It does seem to make a good strong bond, as the package claims it will do.

Another metal bead soldered using the copper metal paste and copper wire solder
This is the product I purchased from Lowe's and used with the copper solder wire.  Again, it has such a low melting temp that it can catch on fire with your torch so you need to be very careful. Not recommended.

My next attempt will be with regular solder sold in hardware stores.  My husband had an old kit lying around so I am going to try it and  meanwhile will send away to Rio for some copper solder wire.  I will let you know how I do.  Hopefully I can still get the bronze age look.
                                                  HAPPY CANADA  DAY!!!!


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    1. Thank you Kristi. So happy you wrote in. Love your new headpins. I have made some with clay and have used the high temp wire beccause copper just crumbled from the head. But cone 06 (1850 F )is quite a bit hotter than the metal clay, I think.
      I wonder how the bronze wire would hold up in a ceramic firing? I will check out the melt temp on Rio they also sell it and call it Merlin's Gold and Jewelers wire or something. I have balled it for headpins and it turns some lovely colors in the the flame.

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  3. GLAD you let us know about this!

    1. Hi Lori, thanks so for stopping by. I'm missing being a part of the Bead soup blog hop but summer just doesn't work for me. I am looking forward to family visiting starting on the 4th.
      And I will be checking out what folks make and waiting for Jan.

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    1. Thanks for the great comment and feedback Sandra on these beads. I will get it right eventually with the solder and then hope to make enough for a necklace.

  5. Very nice post and thanks for info on the plumbers solder. I was thinking of buying to try making simple copper rings but now I won't. You saved me some time and money! Thanks!

  6. Hi Jeraluna,
    Thanks for writing in.
    I saw this article today on Jewelry Making Daily with some info about using copper wire solder. Maybe that would be helpful to you. You can find it on her Etsy shop...

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