Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple Truths Celebration Blog Hop

Today is the reveal for Erin Prais-Hintz's Simple Truths Celebration Blog Hop.  I was pleased to be invited to participate by Erin at the time she sent me her Woodsy Owl.  He is dear to my heart since we have had a resident owl in our trees for many years.  He hoots mostly on cold winter nights. I believe he is spending the summer somewhere cooler and near water since I haven't heard him lately.  When we signed up for this blog hop Erin asked to let her know our favorite quotation and I chose this one:

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."  ~Maya Angelou

I love this quote from Maya Angelou and every time I enter a blog hop or other creative event I validate this idea.

close up view of part of my necklace showing the copper sticks I used

From the beginning I wanted to use these copper sticks I have been creating in my studio.  

I came upon them accidentally and really enjoy making them.  Here is how it happened:  I mismeasured a piece of 14 gauge copper wire for a project in Deryn Mentock's Boho Bliss class that I am taking on line this summer and made these little shorties.  I liked them so much that I just kept on making more whenever I used the torch for other work.  After awhile I had quite a collection and decided to use them for this Blog Hop.  To me they seem like the same color as the reddish bark, dried needles carpeting the forest floor and pine cones of  the pine trees in our woods  ( White Pine, mostly).  When I added the Woodsy Owl to the chain I was so pleased with the way he fit right into the color scheme.  Almost like a camouflage, and I thought of the necklace as a Habitat. 

I love the way he is looking a bit puzzled.  I hope you aren't as well, by my zigzag  logic here as I tell you how this necklace came about.

Once I had the chain and the sticks and Woodsy laid out I was pleased but I wanted a fuller necklace so I added this Herringbone stitch necklace that I was working on to the mix and the colors together got even better.  So really my piece is two necklaces in one.  They have separate clasps but they are measured out to be worn as one.

Woodsy Habitat   Necklace by Mary Harding

Please visit Erin and the other participants in this blog hop and see what they made.  It will be a great treat for you, I am sure.  Here is the list:
Erin Prais-Hintz
Sharon Misuraco
Tanya Goodwin
Alice Peterson
Melissa Trudinger
Lori Bowring Michaud
Rebecca Anderson
Chris White
Cherrie Fick
Rosanne Garvison
Shelley Turner
Marlene Cupo
Mary Harding
Lola Surwillo
Michelle Burnett
Kirsi Luostarinen
Paige Maxim
Kristen Fagan
Cynthia Riggs


  1. Mary, Mary, Mary...this is stunning! The work you put into this really shows and it is - JUST STUNNING!!
    Shelley Graham Turner

  2. Stunning indeed! Very unique, great design.

  3. So creative! Both necklaces are fantastic and harmonize perfectly!

  4. Mary, I love each and every one of your handmade components. And the beaded necklace really pulls it all together. It certainly does resemble a habatat for this sweet owl.

  5. The pieces are all wonderful together. Great job Mary.

  6. I love the beaded rope and all of the copper components. The little stcks are awesome and make the best little home for the owl. It is an amazing design.

  7. Well done! Love your creative design.

  8. Well, you have done it, Miss Mary. I am speechless! (That doesn't happen too often, I can assure you!) I seriously have sat here for 10 minutes just going back and forth over the pictures. It is beyond beautiful. A stunning design! I am in LOVE with those little shortie sticks. That is the best sort of surprise. And the way you made the herringbone necklace to nestle just perfectly in that chain is wonderful. I am truly in awe. Thank you so very much for participating in the first Simple Truths Celebration! Enjoy the day. Erin

  9. Mary, very clever. It is so much fun learning new techniques and adding the contrast and texture. I rarely discard something I make like in Deryn's class as it can find a new purpose. Fun necklace.

  10. Mary I just read the part again about the tow separate necklaces. Really great concept. I have tried this several times. It is stunning in this case.

  11. Anonymous13/7/12 19:44

    This is absolutely gorgeous Mary! And clever with the two necklaces too. I love how each of us with an owl has come up with something different.

  12. This is so cool Mary! You truly have an artistic mind and I love seeing how you put things together. Lovely layering with the bead work and hoops. Wonderful to see a Mary and Erin collaboration.

  13. Wow! This is really beautiful! I can't get over how many mediums you work in...and how beautiful they work TOGETHER! Stunning piece! By the way, I finished Deryn's BOHO BLISS CLASS too, and have made hoops for everyone I know! They are so much fun to make!!!!

  14. oooo the texture and variation of materials is so lovely. the owl fits right in and those owl eyes are so great!

  15. Mary, your Woodsy Habitat necklace is incredible! The copper sticks are so neat - isn't that something how you happened upon creating them by chance. They are the perfect accent! The little owl is so sweet and the overall necklace is a beauty - love how you combined beadwork with metals. And what a great picture - the one that captures the entire necklace.

  16. Anonymous14/7/12 06:50

    I love the sticks and the beautiful necklace made with them. What a creative way to use a mistake and make more on purpose. The BOHO BLISS CLASS is awesome and really does spawn a wave of creativity. Great work and the story behind it is fantastic.

  17. I love those copper sticks and how well the two necklaces work together! I don't think Woodsy looks puzzled ... I think he loves his new habitat so much, he's afraid someone else might try to move in! Beautiful Mary!

  18. Anonymous14/7/12 09:31

    Those copper sticks are wonderful and the colors are so "woodsy", they make that little owl seem right at home. Lovely work!

  19. Hi Mary! I love your necklace. Those copper sticks are awesome and I can see why you kept making them. This is such a perfect combination of all the elements. Really a great piece!

  20. Dear Mary,
    I visited you first, because I knew there would be some incredibly creative jewelry to devour visually once I clicked on your name and arrived at your blog. I was not disappointed!!.
    Can I please have this necklace?? LOL!! Only kidding, the heat is getting to me! Ha!

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  22. Thank you all for your wonderful encouraging comments. I appreciate all of them.
    And thanks again to Erin for coming up with this fun idea for a blog hop.

  23. Extremely impressive!Copper sticks are amazing this is a wonderful collection of all elements.

  24. Oh my gosh Mary! That is STUNNING! I love the copper sticks and how you assembled them with the rings. Gorgeous! I would totally wear this piece. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner.

    Thanks for stopping by to see me for the Bead Soup reveal today. I appreciate it!


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