Monday, February 11, 2013

Headpins: Fun and Fancy

Floral Heart Headpins

Love My Art Jewelry is having a Jewelry Boot Camp.  The current learning is about making balled headpins and other kinds as well.  I made up these over the weekend.  I had already been making the heart pins(bellow) but decided to try some new ideas in clay and  copper since being inspired by the Boot Camp Posts.

Fun  summery striped headpins

 Heart Headpins

I then tried my hand at making balled headpin flower buttons from round disks.  By chance I found out that painting the liquid flux I had onto copper  and heating it up  turned it a wonderful red.

Balled headpin shank button back
Balled headpin flower button

Then I tried my hand at a little soldering with a head pin.  Came out pretty well but took me a mega amount of time.  But I am so excited that they stick together.  The balled headpin is a kind of rivet.  Also the flowers twirl around which is fun.

Balled headpin earring components

I  hope you will check out the other participants in this Jewelry Boot Camp HERE


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun experimenting. Nice work!

  2. LOVE the headpins and everything else too!!

  3. Awesome! I love your ceramic headpins....and that flower button is right up my alley! thanks for participating!!!

  4. Lovely, the components are very cool!

  5. Hi! I love the heart head pins you have been creating. Even included them in a recent blog post last week. (Hope you don't was just a heart themed post for Feb.) :)

  6. Ha! I got excited when my first soldering stuck too! It definitely takes practice!!! Are those head pins made with nichrome wire? I love them :o) I love the flower too!!

  7. Those headpins are so wonderful!! Soldering is so wonderful, but yes, practice has to happen!!

  8. Love every single picture on this page Mary! So inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your designs are all wonderful - but my favourite has to be the flower buttons. The colours and texture are wonderful.

  10. Gorgeous Mary! Your work is always so inspiring and I love that red color you achieved! Thanks for joining us!

  11. Very pretty! I especially like your balled headpin buttons. I'm never quite sure what to do with fancy headpins (as a seedbeader), so I love the samples! I will definitely check out the Boot Camp.

  12. Oh my goodness your designs are so yummy! I LOVE the experimentation you did with the little flowers using headpins. Lovely shade of red they turned!

  13. Anonymous13/2/13 12:39

    Love the colors in your heart head pins. They would be so fun to use in jewelry! But I'm awed by your sweet copper buttons and the heat patina color. Thanks for sharing your experiments with us.



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