Friday, February 15, 2013

Student Work

These two lovely bracelets are the first time ever free form beading work of one of my lovely students, Irene , who used my  Free Form Peyote Stitch Bracelet Instruction ebook to make them.  She was kind enough to share this picture with me.  
The multi-colored bracelet is the very first one she made.  I just love her choice of colors and how well she integrated them into a cohesive bracelet. Those greens and oranges and reds are so beautiful together.  I think that Free form Peyote stitch is a great platform for folks that love color more than pattern.  I am so impressed at how easily Irene handled the free form approach.
Irene was so excited by her success with her first bracelet that she went on to make a second one which is still in progress in the photo above.   She wants this one to be more of a cuff than the first one.  Looks really good to me.

Thank you Irene for sharing your pictures  and giving me permission to post them on my blog.  Happy Beading.  I think your success will  inspire many to give Free Form Peyote stitch a try.
If you are interested in Free form, you might like to see the work of the participants in this upcoming blog hop
Signup Here through January 31, 2013
Karen Williams of Baublicious is putting it on.  I am participating and so are lots of other free form beaders.


  1. That is really cool:-) And thank you so much for stepping by and not giving up on me and my blog the last few month!

  2. I am so happy you are back posting. Thanks for coming!!


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