Thursday, July 10, 2014

Art Bead Scene – team members’ challenge blog hop

                           The Little Mermaid by Edward Dulac

The swirls and rhythm of this painting send my imagination into a dance of forms.  When Heather Powers, Editor and founder of the Art Bead Scene blog suggested that we, the ABS blogging Team, have a blog hop of work inspired by the July Challenge painting--seen above--I was quick to say "count me in."  Today we are having the reveal of our creations celebrating art beads.  Some of us made a piece or two or three of jewelry and some of us made  art beads.  I knew from the get go that I would make beads.  And so I did.  I surprised myself by what I came up with.  I hope you enjoy them too.

I start with a picture of quite a few pieces that I made as I played with forms and ideas.

unglazed ceramic beads by Mary Harding

From those I chose a few to take further for today's post.  The ones I didn't choose will be further developed.  Perhaps made stronger or smaller or larger.  Not sure.  The ones with the octopus edges will need to be made thicker I think since I want to run them through the tumbler to soften but not really change the edges.  To sponge clay that thin and delicate would probably break it.

ceramic bead shard with ancient water worn look by Mary Harding

another view of the ancient shard by Mary Harding

The pieces I chose for today's post are rugged enough to stand up to necklace wear and have a wonderful texture and form to color.  I tried hard to keep the palette of the painting but that is very difficult for me to do.  I do think I kept within a reasonable range.  I love the colors of this painting but I could not resist making them a bit brighter after making the first piece a little too dark I think.

Scroll style beads ceramic ( cold glazed)  by Mary Harding

I love all the movement in this painting and tried to recreate it in these scroll shaped beads.  I imagined them being worn on a hemp net style cord.

Scroll bead on hemp net core

Scroll style beads on a hemp net cord.  Beads and cord made by Mary Harding

And finally a couple of little mischievous  sea serpents for charms, or earrings.

                                            Sea serpent charms by Mary Harding

I hope you will check out the work of the other team members to see what they created.

                     Mary Harding  you are here

And then feel inspired to join in and make a piece of jewelry with art beads.  You can get all the details about participating in the ArtBeadScene Monthly Challenge HERE


  1. Super! I love those twisty beads - they look brilliant wrapped round that hemp net.

  2. What I loved about this painting when I first saw it were the curving lines and dark accents, which you have captured in mesmerizing detail in your beads. Totally in awe of those sea serpent charms!

  3. The swirls of the artwork spoke to me too Mary. Your beads are awesome! I love the curling nature you captured! And those sea serpent are very cool!

  4. Wow what fabulous beads! I like that you showed us what they looked like before and after. I love the twisty beads!

  5. These are mightily awesome Miss Mary! I especially like that first one with the twist and the brilliant blue hiding inside like a present from the deep! Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. What creative pieces! Well done!

  7. I like all the shape exploration that been happening over their in the studio. Those scrolls are really fun, and I love how you paired them with the rustic hemp cord.

  8. I just love those scroll beads! They are just so yummy.

  9. love the twisty beads, though i would not have a clue how to use them, thanks for showing us how you incorporated them into a piece of wearable jewellery.

  10. Love the beads you made for this! Especially the spiral ones. Amazing!

  11. Thank you all for the wonderful supportive comments. Makes my day for many days to come!!!

  12. These pieces have so much energy and color-- I love them! That cold glazing method really is clever-- the Sea Serpents are my favs-- you've brought it all together in those. And you know I love that hemp rope!


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